What's happening at 66

You may think we are dragging our heels a bit at the moment but there is a fury of activity in the workshop. The Suzuki 1100 has been the centre of attention to get it on the tarmac and iron out the bugs before the major strip down. This bike affectionately known as The Commissioner has had a new rear hoop, cafe seat, mini guage, clip ons, taller rear shocks, bobbed front fender, tail light, head light etc etc. Waiting on rear sets, mufflers etc.

Another cafe project is the GS 650 which will have a rat style cafe seat, new tank etc etc. Only just started the strip down to the bare frame so look out for progress reports on this ground up build. Other projects on the go are the Yamy XT to become a big bore Street Tracker, a 1000cc XV ( Virago) Cafe Racer and x4 225cc Street Trackers like the ones we hire in Bali.

Not only are the bikes gaining momentum but the stocks of vintage leather jackets is multiplying, the 66 t-shirts are off the press and some vintage inspired bike art in looking for wall space.

Yep it's all starting to happen at the 66 shop so please be patient because it's all about the journey, not the destination.

September 15, 2012 by Peter Ellery
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