We came, we saw we went home with tails between legs. This was our VMX outing at Narrogin on our transformed CZ. To modify this bike was an unknown and we were very apprehensive to take an honest  enduro bike and set it up for motocross. So the little girl was taken down sympathetically and parts neatly packed away. On went the the knobbies, shocks off the CB350 race bike, quick action throttle, new seat, conversion to premix, new carby, and a rewire of the ignition directly to a Motocell battery. All was sweet except the front end bottomed out and there is not enough power to blow the froth off your flat white. Also I had forgotten how to handle right handers, one in particular. Anyway back to the drawing board and we put in new front springs yesterday, the barrels are getting a good port and polish, new rings and maybe a larger rear sprocket and tuned expansion chamber. Then we are ready to rock for the next event, maybe with an outstanding 25hp, fingers crossed. We are looking for an XL 350 pre '75 if anyone has one as this is probably far more appropriate.

(yes we missed out on the 66 plate, still choosing ours)

July 28, 2013 by Peter Ellery
Tags: VMX