For those who shun the "step through" and want a cool ride around beautiful Bali and beyond..66 has supplied custom 225 cc trackers to Adi Cakra Hire in Seminyak

All bikes come with or without detachable surf racks and have pillion pegs.

Cost is 250,000 Rph (AU$25) per day or 1 500,000 Rph per week ($150)

You can reserve your tracker before you go by emailing Dewa

 Or WhatsApp (Eka)  +62 819 3311 7108

or if you are there...swing by the hire shop and talk to the Adi Cakra staff

Adi Cakra Hire

Jalan Kayu Jati No.2 A, Seminyak (100m from Grocer and Grind)

Mobile: 081 236 15402 (Dewa)