CZ to be unleashed at AFTERSHOCK

Our trusty little CZ came to a quick stop last outing by throwing a set of rings down the exhaust. Some are embedded in the piston so a new one is flying over from eastern Europe with a couple of gaskets for company. After a rebore the CZ will be off to AFTERSHOCK in October along with the DIRT DEMON to tear up the mud piloted by the 66 crew.
September 24, 2013 by Peter Ellery


 This is what happens when you make a track in a paddock, throw caution to the wind and have a bloody good time. Aftershock was put together by the fellas at Perth Cafe Racers and we were stocked to get an invite. The 66 team won a trophy for the most crashes. Aftershock 2013 is in the making, bring it on.

Aftershock 2012 from Peter on Vimeo.

January 05, 2013 by Peter Ellery

Flat Trackers make your heart beat fast....


Don't kid yourself that your still young and you can take a tumble or two and bounce back. Well we found that after the Aftershock weekend at York ( thanks to PCR for the invite ) & ( video soon...and all the other stuff we need to catch up on soon also ) the bruises and strains are still there a week later. But by jingo we are keen for the next event and are planning some purposeful builds to get in amongst the action.

If you need any inspiration to do some flat tracking have a look at this video from the boys at Co Built.

November 30, 2012 by Peter Ellery