Flat Track by Loukas Mexis


We stoked the 44 with timber, put the beers down on ice and threw the doors open to launch Flat Track by Loukas Mexis on Friday night.
The neighbours thought the cast of Mad Max had arrived as 40 or so bikes all arrived within a few minutes to shoot the breeze and listen to Loukas talk about his inspiration for writing Flat Track. He told us his amazing personal story of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and his travels following this unfortunate stroke of luck. Best for the future buddy with Flat Track and your next adventure.

Go here to get the low down and to buy in paper back or ebook  http://www.flattrackbook.com

June 09, 2013 by Peter Ellery

Flog to Nog...

Ok, I was hoping to have a some carefully planned images of our south west ride but in the rush to get ready I forget to pack a card for the camera...doh. So here are a few iPhone snaps which capture the spirit of the ride. I ended up taking the black Street Tracker from the shop which revelled on the dusty roads but was 500cc too small for the long stretches of bitumen. All is good though as I felt like I was going 180 trying to keep up with Smithy on the 1100 GS who was cruising. A mate said to me after the ride he has bikes which go faster in 2nd than my chosen stead for the weekend. Well maybe so, but I felt like I was at Bonneville for 8hrs.


February 01, 2013 by Peter Ellery