Forged in Fremantle, Western Australia in 2011, 66 Motorcycles has been a collaboration of wrenchers, designers, musicians, adventurers and artists with the spirit of Rock and Roll and a creative belief in the Alchemy of the Machine. We gravitate toward those beautiful, independent, artistic souls with a shared "fuck that" defiant attitude and a strong collective desire to chase authenticity in everything we do.
EMBRACE individuality
RESIST riding the populist highway of the masses
DEFIANT in the face of narcissism, ignorance and corporate greed



Ben Frichot - Designer, artist and surf guitar slinger has been instrumental in the creative eruptions of numerous brands/bands around the world including Nick Cave, Motorhead, Foo Fighters and The Hives. This Renaissance Astro Man is a volcano of ideas and a vampire lord of galactic design alchemy  
Peter Ellery - Master Craftsman Lord Alchemist, designer, photographer. Peter designed and hand built the 66 machines from the 2011-2015. Melting the old, the odd, the forgotten and the beasts into machine art with stellar performance and style. Still creating an eclectic mix of machines stay tuned to see what rolls off the bench next. You can follow him on instagram @gasbay_customs