TEX is a commissioned build from 2014 for a local Perth enthusiast. Built for occasional two up riding TEX started life as a stock 1974 TX650A in average condition. The crank had some knock so the engine was stripped down and fully rebuilt inhouse. We wanted this bike to have a special note and be aurally exciting to ride so in went a rephased crank, re profiled cam and Pamco ignition system. A set of Loaded Gun rear sets were employed and modified for a lower riding position and team well with the clip on bars. Stainless mandrel bends have been used to make a system which hugs the frame terminating through reverse cone shorties.  Texture black powder coat was applied to the rims and we relaced
them with with stainless spokes. Gazi rear shocks were chosen for the rear as they gave us the ability to fine tune the riding height.