Lets Ride!!
Looking forward to a long summer of riding. Lets get in the groove by heading for the hills after work on Saturday afternoon.

Come down to 66 at 12 and check out the new bikes and gear, and grab a hot dog/burger and coffee before heading off at 1pm.

We'll head to the hills for a quick lager and back via a Suburban TT and end up back at 66 for .....depends on how many come back but it could be a big night 

Bring out your custom scramblers, trackers, cafes, classics, retros and bobbers
Facebook event link here 
Past Events:
All welcome for an evening of vintage movies, chin waging, some grub and a beer.  
66 are organising a ride from their shop in O'Connor, up to the start point of the The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride here in Perth and is open to all bikes that meet the DGR criteria, of bikes that are classics, cafe racers, bobbers, modern classics, scramblers and classic scooters. If your bike does not fit the criteria we ask you to support us by donating to the cause here http://www.gentlemansride.com/team/66Motorcycles

Also you will need to have registered on the DGR website to join the ride here https://www.gentlemansride.com/ its free too, as they are very Distinguished that way

Meet time is for 8am for a 9am departure to be at DGR start point by 10am

We can sort you out with you morning caffeine needs with coffee available before departure

Route details will be posted shortly...