Forged in Fremantle, Western Australia in 2011, 66 Motorcycles has been a collaboration of wrenchers, designers, musicians, adventurers and artists with the spirit of Rock and Roll and a creative belief in the Alchemy of the Machine. We gravitate toward those beautiful, independent, artistic souls with a shared "fuck that" defiant attitude and a strong collective desire to chase authenticity in everything we do.
                                EMBRACE individuality
                   RESIST riding the populist highway of the masses
     DEFIANT in the face of narcissism, ignorance and corporate greed
                           BE your own REVOLUTION
Duane Smith is lead guitar slinger of cult garage rock band The Chevelles honed his motorcycle skills desert racing as a teenage delinquent in the Pilbara of Western Australia in the 1970's. A humanistic psychologist by day and avid machine alchemist in his home garage studio at night recording aural soundscapes and transforming the forgotten 70's metal steeds into the motorcycles of El Diablo