The process starts with a design discussion where you tell us the style of bike you desire and the characteristics you want to achieve eg. performance, handling, vintage style, custom parts, uniqueness etc. We will short list the suitable donor bikes and develop a build budget. If you are cool with our ideas and costs we source and purchase the donor bike and lock it into our build schedule.

Our current crop of builds incorporate a mix of rebuilding, repairing and customisation. All bikes are stripped down, de tagged, sub frames modified and then powder coated. Wheels are cleaned, replaced, re spoked or powder coated and fitted with new bearings then  new hoops. Brakes are upgraded or overhauled,  polished or painted. Engines are sorted or rebuilt then detailed. The same goes with carbies. We use quality accessories we source from Japan, USA and Europe. What we can't get we will make or out source to be made.

This is only a brief introduction to the process of having a bike built by 66 Motorcycles. If you want to arrange a time to discuss your ideas please drop us an email or call into the shop Wednesday to Friday 10-5 or Saturday 9-1.

We will update the current crop of builds as they take shape.